Register a system

Before submitting performance runs to the GNOME Shell performance statistics collector, you must register your system. You will be emailed an activation link and a secret key that you add to ~/.config/gnome-shell/perf.ini.

If you change your system significantly (upgrade to a new version of the operating system, upgrade the graphics card), you should register it again.

Name of the system. Should be of the form: '<owner_or_location>-<operating_system>-<graphics>[-<extra>]'. For example 'rhwestford-fedora14.rawhide-intel.G965' or 'otaylor-fedora13-radeon.rv350-laptop'.)
Contact email for the person responsible for this system. This will be displayed publically on the web interface.
Operating system. For example, 'Ubuntu 10.04' or 'Fedora 14 Rawhide'.
Graphics processor. For example, 'Intel 945GM' or 'AMD Radeon HD 4650'. For NVIDIA cards, indicate the driver being used with '(nvidia)' or '(nouveau)'. For AMD cards, add '(fglrx)' if using the closed-source Catalyst drivers.
System CPU. For example, 'Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz)'.